I’m an innovative creative, mainly focused on User Experience, Gamification, and Information Design.

I am a driven, hands-on creative leader with experience managing large teams across multiple locations in fast-paced, agile environments. I excel under pressure, consistently meeting deadlines and delivering outstanding results on time and within budget.

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Jonny is a valued partner who consistently creates visually appealing and highly functional designs that enhance our products.

Jonny’s keen eye for detail and creative flair ensure every project exceeds expectations, while his UX expertise creates intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that boost engagement and satisfaction.

His knowledge of gamification transformed our projects, effectively integrating elements that increased user retention and interaction. Jonny’s innovative ideas and strategic approach added significant value, making our products stand out in the market.

Amir Moradov Head of Innovation @ Appleseeds

Working with Jonny has been an great experience. His expertise in user experience design was crucial in creating intuitive interfaces that our teenage audience found both engaging and easy to use.

Jonny’s thorough research and rigorous testing processes ensured that our products were not only functional but also highly appealing to our target demographic.

Jonny has a knack for nailing the creative aspects, consistently delivering designs that resonate with specific audiences. His ability to blend creativity with a deep understanding of our audience’s preferences added tremendous value to our projects. Thanks to Jonny’s contributions, our products have seen significant improvements in user engagement and satisfaction.

Matan Ganani CEO @ Makes